bringing interiors to life

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space for life

Bridge cultivates creative, beautiful, connected, ecological & functional living spaces through incorporating elements of nature into working and living environments.

It aims to integrate, balance and harmonise spaces with their users through wholistic design.

Through harnessing and combining the wisdom of both ancient Ayurvedic thought & modern Permaculture, we can effectively enhance our personal well-being & productivity through subtle changes in our outer environments. The impressions we intake ultimately mirror the impressions we give out. 


as within, so without

Space is important for the manifestation of ideas. creating a foundational basis from which we can project our thoughts, experiences, plans and inner realms on to. Bridge believes that spaces should not be categorised into ‘working’ business’ or ‘home’ - they are merely ‘Living’ spaces that should all contain similar elements of comfort and to allow free-thought and productivity through relaxation and inspiration. 


consciously designed spaces, for everyone

Bridge operates as an environmentally neutral firm, offering up-cycled, home-made, low-impact and consciously sourced materials that are used in our spaces.


We believe that the healing of the self and environment come hand-in-hand, and to have a truly meaningful business both must be accounted for. 


Being an adaptive firm, we do not operate on a one-cost package basis, but a case-by-case one where each client is consulted on their individual needs and budget, their spaces surveyed and implementation, education & follow-up offered. Our offerings reach out to both existing spaces that need re-vitalising and harmonising, and fresh spaces that clients would like to be functional and inspiring.