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Kombucha is a miracle-drink. It's a probiotic that helps replenish your gut microflora, gives your sustained energy, and is an all-round yummy fremented drink to have handy at home when you need that fizzy refresh. You can be creative with the flavours without the need to rely on buying it in the shops!

We help you become booch-independent by showing you the ropes & setting you up!

DIY organic kombucha

We'll come to your home and teach you how to set up your own Kombucha brewing station. It's pretty easy once you get going!


We provide all the equipment, living SCOBY & ingredients you need to do it all yourself & have a continuous supply of Kombucha to share with your friends & family!


Package includes:

 - 1hr lesson

 - 1 x 5L fermentation jar (with tap)

 - 1 x living organic SCOBY

 - 1 x tea towel

 - 3 x 1L glass bottles

 - 6 x 500ml glass bottles

 - 400ml starter booch

 - 500g organic coconut sugar

 - 1 x pack organic pureh tea

 - instructions & recipe examples




*Prices include equipment, delivery & set-up


we want to share what good food means to us

Our team have years of combined experience in Ayurveda, holistic healing & education, gut health, and the Hong Kong Food & Beverage industry.

We only want to feed people food that will make them well, not just taste good.