you are what you eat.

no, really...


We believe good food should nourish the body, mind & soul.

We empower individuals to take charge of their food choices and heal themselves & those around them.


Our range of different offerings help you do so - whether it be attending one of our workshops or discussions, having us cook for you at home, or learning how cook naturally with our natural cooking lessons.


Mindful meals, cooked at your home.
Our Ayurveda-inspired & seasonal food menu offers affordable delicious food for your and your family, without the effort!


At our site, or at your house for you or your helpers. We want to educate you on natural indredients & methods, and understand the energetics of food better, for a healthier family.


We help people achieve a life of balance for their mind, body & soul, to develop trust and grounding in relationships, food, work & more.

what we offer



We have teamed up with P-EAL Care to give a more holistic and rounded approach to our workshops and discussions on Ayurveda & Wellness.

P-EAL was founded in 2020 in Hong Kong by registered Occupational Therapist and wellness practitioner Rebecca Teague.


reach out to find out more! 

we also tailor workshops to fit
individual needs.

volunteers are also welcome to

participate in developing our

permaculture site.

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