gaia valley, lamma island

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In close collaboration with ABLE charity, we are currently developing Gaia Valley on Lamma Island into a functioning permaculture site. We welcome anyone interested in what we're doing to pay us a visit, learn a bit about the work we are doing & help out where possible!


'a better living environment'

ABLE Charity first came together in 1993 as a Grassroots environmental action group and was founded as a direct consequence from a lack of protection, and voice, for Lamma Island’s environment.

Its mission is to raise awareness about the fundamental integral link between people and ecology, assume the responsibility of implementing change through direct action, and to set examples that inspire change in the behaviour, lifestyles and habits of people in Hong Kong.

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gaia valley project

forest garden

We're building an edible forest garden with perennial systems that self re-generate & provide the inhabitants with a key source of sustainable & balanced nutrition.

It's a slow process, as we effectively are mimicking the function of an actual forest - which has 7 distinct layers from the canopy to under-growth.


intelligent garden beds


Through taking into account natural flows such as water & gradient and through re-generating topsoil, we have developed intelligent garden beds that work to irrigate efficiently, protect the soil & feed whatever edibles are grown


More to come...

We've only just begun, but we have big dreams!